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Biodegradable products disintegrate through the action of existing by nature and without artificial aid micro-organisms, such as bacteria or fungi over a period of time. Biodegradable bags are usually made from plant or animal sources. Examples of biodegradable include paper, vegetable scraps and some are made from corn starch.

Why Biodegradable

Ordinary plastics don't disintegrate. Rubbish and dump waste take a long time to decompose. Litter is also visual pollution, a problem that organisations and educational programs have failed to extinguish. In landfills, not only do conventional packaging degrade very slowly but also anything contained within them may not fully degrade. Therefore an unnecessary waste of valuable landfill space.


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Research and resources

For detailed information about plastic bags including how they are made and to find out more about the existing types of bags, please visit:

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Packaging tips that will help selling your product

Find out what package attributes appeal to the customer you are targeting. If it's a housewife shopping for your product then put convenience of use at the top of the list. People over 50 are also looking for convenience issues like the size of print on the package and ease of use top their priority list. Ensure your package uses the characteristics that appeal to your target market.

Security in packaging is becoming increasingly important. This will continue as more people become concerned about product integrity. A major security scare could make everyone change their packaging methods immediately. Look for new tamper evident and security devices that can be incorporated into your packaging.

Packaging news

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